3 Things I Dislike About Living in the UK



Hey there! I hope you enjoyed my first post last week. I certainly enjoyed writing it! I hope the title of this one didn’t turn you away. This post is just a few of the negative things I’ve experienced or have notice about England since moving here last year. Although this is a list of negative things, I’ll try to give you my positive twist on each situation. Now, I’ve only been here a short time, but I’ve already fell in love with this place for several reasons. I’ll share that list with you in a later post. For now, keep reading to find out the 3 things I loathe the most about living in England!



The Appliances

Okay, maybe I don’t loathe them, but they without a doubt annoy the heck out of me. Why? Simply put, they’re tiny. If you could see this serious side eye I got going on while I type this right now, you’d know exactly how bothered I am by this. Tiny fridge, tiny stove, tiny dishwasher, tiny washing machine and tiny dryer, all in my tiny kitchen. Yes, I know the word “tiny” is subjective and may be perceived differently by you and me. But when all of your appliances can fit under your countertop…Come on! You have GOT to agree with me that that’s tiny! With the exception of my refrigerator, that’s exactly where all of mine are..under the counter! Normally, something like this wouldn’t bother me. Add the fact that it takes about five and a half hours to complete a load of laundry, four runs of the dishwasher to get the dishes clean and endless attempts of rearranging my orange juice so that I can get the milk to fit in sideways, that’s what most annoys me. But let’s take a look at the positive in all of this. At least I can get in a whole nap while doing laundry before my clothes even start spinning and no worries about food going bad in the fridge either, because it’s constantly being rotated in and out just to make space.

Hot Summers

Now, I don’t know who lied and said England is always gloomy and rainy, but they were wrong! We get our fair share of sunshine here. You’re probably thinking, “England gets sunshine..whoopty doo. How’s that a problem?” Well, It’s not a problem…until it’s summertime and you realize, it’s 96 degrees out and you don’t have A/C! My first summer here was a nightmare because of this. I was 8 months pregnant and sleeping with opened windows and a fan to try to keep cool. Uh, no…just no! That doesn’t do anything but let flies, moths and other insects inside because yeah…no screens here either. During the day, it gets so hot inside the house that it actually makes more since to go outdoors. And outdoors isn’t necessarily a negative so, maybe this one isn’t so bad. Well, other than trying to sleep at night in a pool of sweat and not having an air conditioner indoors, British summers can actually be enjoyable. But with these summers, also comes number 3 on my list!

Mini man with no pants because it’s too hot!


I just can not deal with the amount of spiders there are here! And by here, I mean everywhere! These vile, little creatures do not discriminate when it comes to their brash decision to just make their homes. If they’re outdoors, it’s not that big of a deal. I try not to bother them unless they are in, on or around something I need to get to. But even then, I don’t always kill them. But boy oh boy! Once they start marking territories inside, NO FREAKIN’ MERCY! It’s killed or be killed! Survival of the fittest! I can usually stand my ground when they first appear in the early Spring. My weapons of choice include: hairspray, my husband’s shoes (provides more coverage), air freshener or a combination of the three. By midsummer, I’m using more hairspray to kill off their families than I am to actually style my hair! That’s when I know it’s time for reinforcement. People are always telling me how spiders are good; that they eat other bugs and loads of other useless info about them. The only thing these gross little beings have taught me is that no matter where they’re from or how distinguished they are, I HATE SPIDERS! All of them! That is all.


What did you think about my list? If you live in the UK, do you agree or disagree? U.S. friends, did this post make you never want to visit or curious to experience England for yourself? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Subscribe now so you don’t miss Friday’s post when I list my favorite things about living here.  xoxo -Charell

7 thoughts on “3 Things I Dislike About Living in the UK

  1. Yolanda says:

    I could deal with every thing except the eight legged creature! I’m terrified of bugs! My bug phobia is so bad that I literally scream and cry with fear and start to have a panic attack. Maybe I would visit during the winter months. ☺

    • happywifecrazylife@gmail.com says:

      Lol..the spiders are the worst thing on the list by far! My fear of them sometimes lead to tears so, I completely understand your reaction. In the winter, they’re pretty much nonexistent (unless you have a chimney). So, come on over! Thank you for reading, YaYa!

  2. LaTricia says:

    Lmbo @the spiders that’s the red flag for me as well! I mean I cried the first time I had to kill a grasshopper… I can only be brave around bugs I’d my daughter is watching and even then she better nor be in my way if I need to run lol

    • happywifecrazylife@gmail.com says:

      That’s too funny. I don’t mind some bugs, but most of them I can not deal with. Spiders are the worst though! Thanks for reading and commenting, girl.

  3. Sandra Adams says:

    Wow, it’s so funny reading this. I’ve only been to US once but everything felt huge: huge open spaces, huge cars and huge parking spaces. I’ve been in the UK for 12 years and I feel that possibly it’s on the smaller side sometimes but usually everything is of a size I’m used to.
    The summers can be lovely sometimes, like this last one but there have been years where we only had enough dry days to cut the grass outside, have a quick BBQ before the rains come the next day.
    As for spiders, hmmm we do have them, now o think about it, I probably see one every day. Small ones don’t bother me, so I just let them live. If it’s a big one, I catch and throw it outside.
    Look forward to reading about the positives 🙂

    • happywifecrazylife@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I wondered what someone who’s lived here for a while would think of this list. Seeing as though I grew up in the US, I have to agree that we definitely do things BIG over there. Now I wonder if I stayed here long enough, if I’d just get used to the size of everything. My list of positives will be up soon!

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