Top 5 Reasons I Love the UK


Okay, so if you read my last post from earlier this week, you’d probably assume that I’m not a fan of living here. But the truth of the matter is, I freakin’ love this place! If I didn’t live so far from my family and I could get rid of the third thing on my previous list, I’d live here forever! For my last list, I had to think long and hard to come up with those three things because it’s just not very much to complain about living here. My dilemma with this post was that there were just too many positives to choose from. So, I presented my list of, “3,693,482 Reasons I Love the UK,” to my hubby and asked for his help to narrow it down to a Top 5 or 10 list instead. The following is what I ended up with.



1) Vocabulary

Some of you may be thinking, “What the heck, weirdo? Vocabulary?! BOOOOORRRING! Goodbye.” Please don’t leave! Just let me explain first; then you can leave. Before I moved here, my own thoughts were that English is English and I’ll have an easier transition because of it. I assumed I’d be able to communicate with local Britons with ease, but was quite surprised at how different we spell and interpret things. Let me share some of my favorite words I’ve learned and their meanings. Let’s start with food; since I love to eat! Of course chips, which are thicker french fries or similar to steak fries in the US, is the most common used food here. You’ll see it and hear it everywhere. What Americans call chips, those are crisps here. My favorite brands are Walkers, Pringles and Hula Hoops. Our biscuits are similar to their scones here and their biscuits are what we know as cookies. If someone asks if you’d like sweets, they’re just talking about candy. I find myself switching back and forth between the American and British versions of these words, but when it comes to clothing, I prefer to say most the British way. Sweaters are called jumpers, pants are trousers and sneakers are trainers. Pajamas are pyjamas; spelled differently but pronounce the same. Just like favourite, colour, realise, tyre, aeroplane and many others. The spelling is slightly different but they sound virtually identical. I recently discovered that I have been spelling “grey” the British way for as long as I can remember! I was way too excited about that!


2) Travel Opportunities 

Being so close to the rest of Europe, I’m in perfect position to travel and discover many different cultures and cuisines. So far, I’ve pretty much stay right here in the UK with my trips, but I have taken a few to Italy since living here and a couple times before moving here. Those visits to Italy were the vacations that persuaded me to visit more countries and blog my travels. There are just so many places to go and things to see; even just in this country! You can take a tube, train, coach or plane pretty much anywhere for a reasonable price and just plunge yourself right into the local environment. It’s amazing and you just can’t beat it. Even a quick day trip up to London is just an incredibly, insane experience! I can’t wait for my next trip.


3) Architecture

Aside from reveling in the culture and cuisine of other countries, traveling also allows the opportunity to visit some of the oldest buildings known to man. Now I’m no history buff and I never even knew I liked history until much later in life. But you can not help but stare in awe when you see thousand year old castles and world famous landmarks up close and personally. I wish I had the money to fly all my family and friends over to see these amazing buildings. I think the next best thing is writing this blog. I get to share some of my favorite architecture and famous landmarks through pictures. A few I’ve snapped recently are below.


4) Nando’s

OMG! This place right here…THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER!! They’re specialty is flamed-grilled Peri Peri chicken, but they do serve other food and it’s all delicious! I have yet to try anything that I don’t like on their menu! I have a “go-to” meal that I usually get which includes a quarter of a chicken with lemon & herb or mango & lime sauce, creamy mash (mashed potatoes), and these amazing peas they call Macho peas (made with mint and red chilli peppers)! It’s so good, man! Anytime I have someone visit me, I bring them here. My mom is the pickiest eater ever (no exaggeration) and she enjoyed the food here. She even ordered more for Take Away! Now, that’s good food! Once I’m done writing this post, I’ll probably go and have some Nando’s within 24’s been like a week and I need my fix! You can visit Nando’s website to  check out their menu. Let me know if there’s anything you would try from Nando’s or if you’ve already eaten here before? What’s your favorite thing on the menu?


5) Markets

This is actually my favorite on the list. I know that we have markets in the US and I love the markets there too, but they’re just done a little different here! Other than seasonal produce sold directly from the farmers, you can get so much from markets and car boots here. I think to describe a car boot, I’d say it’s similar to a flea market in the states but much more organized and a bit better quality items. There’s a Market Day somewhere locally pretty much everyday here. I usually buy my produce from the market when I can. The farmers are the friendliest; which isn’t saying much since most everyone is super nice here (another thing I love). My next post, I’ll take you to the market with me!


I hope this post gave you a total picture of how I feel living here in the UK now. Did you enjoy this list? Was there anything on this list that you found surprising? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. See you soon! xoxo -Charell A.

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